The university enrollment bonus will begin next year

Image result for university bonusSeville, June 25 (EFE) .- The Ministry of Economy and Knowledge has assured today that the bonus of 99% of university fees will begin to operate from the 2017-2018 academic year, as reflected in the draft public price decree of the next academic year.

This decree is currently in the process of public information until June 30, as reported in a statement from the Ministry.

As it is a far-reaching measure in the Andalusian citizenship, it has been resolved that the text of the project be submitted to the widest possible dissemination, in order that the citizens know about it and can make the observations that it deems interesting during the term of seven business days from its publication in the BOJA.

The allegations that you wish to make to the draft Decree should be addressed to the General Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge.

The bonus will be applied both in qualifying and non-enabling master’s degrees, to those students from centers belonging to the public universities of Andalusia that do not meet the requirements to obtain the scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD), although In each type of study, certain unique conditions will apply.

Thus, in the case of the grades, those credits approved in the first enrollment in the previous year will be rewarded, so that students will have to pay the first course of each grade and the bonuses would operate from the second and subsequent courses.

The bonus will also be possible in case the student changes the grade.

Taking into account that the cost of an academic course of 60 credits in Andalusia amounts to 757 euros, the student who would have approved all these credits of his first course in first enrollment, between the June and September exams, in the following academic year could save 749.4 euros.

If the student approved with equal performance four years of a degree, this would be practically the cost of a single academic year, assuming this bonus a saving of 75 percent of the cost of the full degree.

Regarding the qualifying master’s degree (those required to practice a profession) and not enabling, the bonus will be applied taking into account the credits approved in the first enrollment in the two previous academic years, and in the degree that gave access to the corresponding master’s degree.

In this way, you will have the option to take it for practically free.

The bonus will also be applied in the case of studies carried out within the Student Mobility Programs, in the case of the Erasmus, the Seneca or others within the framework of the European Union, or made through specific agreements between universities.

Students who may come from transfers of files from other national or foreign universities may benefit from the tuition bonus from the second year in which they study at any of the centers of the Andalusian universities.

On the other hand, students with MECD enrollment scholarships who lose this status during their studies may also benefit from these bonuses implemented by the Junta de Andalucía, thus avoiding the expulsion from the university system of these students, which in other circumstances could not cover the cost of their higher education.

As for the estimated budget for the application of this measure, it amounts to some 30 million euros, which will be assumed by the Andalusian Government in addition to the amounts already allocated with which the Andalusian universities are financed each year.

In addition, this item will be incorporated into the university funding system, which is currently reviewed with these institutions. EFE